Bush Trackers excursions and guides provide an easy way for schools to engage students with nature in a fun and rewarding way and to fulfill curriculum requirements at the same time. A Bush Trackers experience can complement and bring to life HSIE units including Our Community and National Parks. The recent National Trust Inquiry, “Reconnecting Children with Nature”, highlights the symptoms of the ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ and the need for children to spend more time interacting with nature. The inquiry concluded that,

  • Schools can do a lot for themselves to help children get closer to nature.
  • Time learning and playing outdoors also needs to become a bigger element of the typical school day
  • Partnership working between NGOs, community groups and schools is critical

Since inception in 2012, the Bush Trackers Project has enjoyed the participation of thirty schools across the Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Oberon, Penrith and Hawkesbury areas with hundreds of children helping create the Bush Trackers guides for kids.

The feedback from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. We understand the work-load and time constraints in meeting academic requirements and have designed ‘user friendly’ Bush Trackers excursions that will be enjoyed by students and staff alike.

For further information or to arrange an excursion please see our contact page.

Teachers’ kit - What is a National Park?

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